Dimensional Parser Chronicles
by Richard Hoeper
Three thousand years in the future there is a historical discovery, and the Research Director at the Orion Archaeological Institute releases an announcement:
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From the field notes of the alien anthropologist:
Third Planet: Inhabited
Discovered: 3,560 Gal Units (Currently, 4,638)
One Intelligent Species
Biped Motion
Local Time in Rotation Units, Orbit Units

Satellite Survey Abstract of Primitives’ Culture:
Stone Age Nomadic to Bronze Age Agrarian Social Structures, beginning iron age, primitive violence typical of newly developing sentient species, signs of recent rapid intelligence growth (possible mutated intelligence gene), primary observation is destructive primitive emotions are conflicting with newly developing social structures.

"Never before have we encountered a species at this stage of development, an infant civilization in progress. I would like to visit the surface for closer observation, but this has not yet been cleared with the home system.

We have released a series of small drones on the planet, disguised as local flying creatures, to record the primitives in various places around the planet. These drones will transmit to satellites which in turn will send data to this lab for research and correlation. With the ban on travel to the planet, this will suffice for our research efforts now. It is hoped that I will be allowed to touch the surface."
Anee, the alien anthropologist stranded by war for 3140 years, makes contact with Jac after the parabolic disc's discovery.
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